So on Saturday, I went to one of my guy friend’s apartment to meet up to go hiking at around 10 in the morning. About an hour later after waking him up, we were off. After a not so bad drive out into the desert we set off on foot.

The first set of rocks we sort of climbed around instead of up but the little cove it makes was beautiful to look at.
2-9-08 - 1118

At the second set, I turned around to get a couple valley shots. After this I promptly declined S’s help in getting up a difficult set of rocks and slipped giving myself a rather big scratch on my right arm. I stood up after I had stopped laughing and reached for his hand to help me up.

2-9-08 - 1210

2-9-08 - 1211

The last two pictures I got were of this cute little waterfall which S decided to climb up instead of go around (I went around) so there is the bottom cuff of one of his jeans in the first picture. After crouching down to touch the water and pour some over my scratched arm, I slipped again and got my right foot soaked up to my mid-calf. So I spent the rest of the hike with a wet shoe that squished a lot and made climbing a bit more difficult.

2-9-08 - 1228

2-9-08 - 1229

It was fun, and after this set we crossed a loose gravel-like mound down which I slipped (again) and then we got to the third set of rocks which were more like caverns that you could crawl though but that really didn’t give good photographing moments so I left them out.

I haven’t managed to post until today because my arms were too sore to even hold knitting needles, and a heavy Starsky isn’t a huge motivation when your arms hurt.

All in all, Saturday was a good day.