Okay, so here’s the thing. If I wasn’t the one buying the yarn (even though I fully intended to until my Aunt E pushed from the counter), does this still count as my birthday present to myself or can I get away with something else?

As for the loot:

Happy Feet 10

Aussi Sock Yarn silver

Lovely sock yarns, and sooo worth it. I kept squishing them until I placed them in the good sock yarn bag, which is my reward to myself for getting though skeins of not so pleasant but need to be used sock yarns. (Actually all that means is that I can seem to find a pattern that will go well with them and I don’t want to do stockinette.)

But now I’m tired, and the keyboard is getting fuzzy (but at least I posted!). So good night everyone. I’ll post pictures of the flowers as the days go on. Why just flowers you may ask? Because apparently when I made the backup for my computer prior to the virus deleting everything, the virus hitched on and I can’t reach any of the pictures that were on it unless I’d like to destroy this new computer that my Dad oh so generously gave me as part of my birthday present.