I love flowers. I can’t keep them alive, but that’s a different matter. Unfortunately, here in the desert you have to have a very green thumb to make anything grow half decently. So what did I do when I visited my Grandmother that doesn’t live in the desert of Califonia?

Yup, I enjoyed her flowers and took lots of pictures. (Although these are the only ones that looked good enough to post.)

These were “saved” from their spot in the sun where they had started to wilt, it only delayed the inevitable though.


These next two I just loved because of the water droplets on them.



Anyone know the names of these? Or any of them at all, I’d like to know.


Tulips, one of the few flowers that I know the name. I love tulips they’re so cute looking.


Okay people, these flowers I NEED to know what they’re called. Stitch markers to the first person to tell me the correct name in the comments. Pass on the word if you don’t know what they’re called.


That’s all for now. Knitting has been at a stand still for the most part. I have picked up my spindle again, but I need to ply the singles. (Ugh, anyone know of a cheap semi-wheel that i could use just to ply?) And I’ve started tatting, but I have no idea how to weave in ends. I may take pictures of my tatting even though I haven’t tacked down the ends.