Yuppers, I’ve actually been knitting lately. And here’s the proof:


An entire sock! Well, ankle sock since it’s for me. The pattern is Waders from the now gone MagKnits, otherwise I might have actually linked that. It was quick and sock number 2 is now on the needles.

And as a big surprise, the reason I got into my knitting mood? The Boyfriend, yup he and I were talking about books and recommended the Sword of Truth series by Terry Goodkind and oh my goodness I zoomed through a 573 page book in less than a week. (If only I could do that with my textbooks *sigh*.) How did this inspire the knitting you may ask? Well my hands had to do something while I read (I know know why I stopped knitting when I stopped watching television, duh!) so this pattern was perfect, I could look down for the pattern less then 25% of every two rounds and just feel the rest as I read.

And now onto another undetermined length of time of no posts because school is wrapping up paper-wise and I’ve also added a new class to the mix, as well as the volunteer work for church, the Boyfriend (that I’ve never had to figure out time management-wise for over three years so that’s a little tricky, and other social endeavors that keep me running. Oh and also, I need to start job-hunting. Yeah, this is going to be fun.