I just now realized why even though I make a sweater that’s the right size bust measurement-wise, my arms always feel stiff in it.

I forgot about the designers plan for a bust taking up more fabric in front. So, when I make the smaller size I lose those valuable stitches for my back.

Since, I seem to always like living/being in places where sweater weather isn’t really an issue I guess I’ll just abstain from sweater knitting. (This is being said because I may be moving to Florida within the next year, not 100% sure, but very likely if things keep progressing in the manner they have been.) That said, I may need shawls, but sweaters? Not likely.

*mini rant* Honestly though, one would *think* that coming from a family of very busty women, that I would be bigger than a AAA (ok AA if the size runs small) especially since the side of the family that I particularly take after runs in the D range. Grr, I’m just frustrated. (Can you tell I’ve also been trying to find a new bikini, possibly one that well I don’t know? *Fits!*  *end rant*

Okay I’m going to just wash the dishes and head off to bed. But seriously though, I love the way God made me, and I love my shape. I just wish clothing designers in America would maybe just consider that there are women *below* the national average on sizes. Not trying to knock bigger gals, I know where my genetics will take a swing to should I put on weight in my thirtys and beyond. So. not. going. there. I love my body, I just don’t like not being able to wear things because they don’t look/fit right. (I have a store bought sweater that I love, but I”m trying to figure out how to remove the extra bust fabric, it’s totally possible I just need to get the nerve to cut into it. I’ll post pictures when I do though)