My pattern has been mentioned on the Daily Chum! My Dad’s Father’s Day Socks that is up on my old blog that I’ve been lagging behind to turn into a PDF file and move it to Ravelry or this blog. I litterally squeeked when I saw I had been mentioned, it was very cool for me.

(Not sure how clear the pattern is, since it was never actually test knit so if you have any question of find any errata just message me on Ravelry my name there is Nea. Or leave a comment on this blog, because I can’t actaully reply from the old blog.

I so need to blog more often, and this time I know I will. I have a meme lined up, and since the boyfriend is going out of town for work, I have a bit of time on my hands these next two weeks =(. Not that I’m at all happy about that, but I can live with it, it’s not as long as it could be so here’s to hoping that he only has to be gone those two weeks.