But my computer oddly went kaput for a couple days. Seriously, I couldn’t use any numbers and caps lock had to be on in order to NOT write in caps. *shakes head* However I do have lovely knitted objects to show off, so those will pop up as I get a chance. Since my computer magically returned to normal I now have quite a bit of catching up to do so bye for now!

(And a note to all the military families out there, I can’t believe the huge sacrifice you all make and thank you. *hugs* for all those lonely moments.)

Yes I know I’ve only been missing my boyfriend for a week, but with how much I’ve been missing him and squeeing when he gets a chance to email me I don’t know how I’d be able to hold up for longer than 2 weeks I already keep tearing up at least once a day to varying degrees. Pathetic, I know.