Because, well I haven’t done a thing since last September (oops!) at least not blog-wise. So in an effort to get back to typing, because really, I *need* to, I’m going to write on here more. Granted anything at this point would be considered more, but I’m not going to tie myself to topic or require pictures for everything which basically overwhelms and frustrates me.

The following is me smooshing almost 6 months into one page so skip if you don’t want to read, I’ll do a flash tidbit of my knitting progress at the bottom but I’m hoping to get back to knit-blogging in the next few days/week.

Ok, onto what’s happened in my life, and the bit of crazy that made me stop writing for a bit. First, I got a tattoo. A beautiful rose that is conveniently hidden on my back for any work-wear I may need to don but that I can still see the days I wear tanks and camis (because really, summer doesn’t exist here too well). On parental reaction, my Mom kind of got the big-eyed look and muttered about it being too big (it isn’t) and about ruining my skin for a wedding dress (granted I’m not even engaged but that doesn’t stop her, she also almost tried booking a hotel for said future wedding a couple months ago, a look from my Dad stopped her thank goodness. I do have to admit though a wedding in the Caribbean isn’t that horrible.) My Dad liked the tattoo however and was glad I didn’t get a skull, though why he would ever have expected that I don’t know.

Then my health also took a bashing over the holidays. I lost about 20 lbs. from the beginning of November to the end of December which really isn’t good when you’re tiny and don’t have the weight to bargain with. Things have been getting better however and I’ve gained back about half of the weight, and getting out of the house and getting some more sun again.

About the same time my health nosedived my car decided to follow. Long story short, I now get to pop the hood to turn on the battery before I start it and then turn it back off when I park for the night. The only nice thing I find about this, is that no one could possibly steal my car now even if I leave it unlocked because they wouldn’t know about the switch (well except all of you, but you don’t know what I drive).

During this mess I also dropped Nursing as a major, I nearly passed out when drawing someones blood and I could barely stomach (literally) some of my science classes, so I’m now trying to figure out what I really would like to do. More on this later though when I haven’t kept myself up with allergy meds and soda.

I have realized that my boyfriend is seriously amazing, he’s dealt with all my mood swings and frustrations through all this and treated me better than I expected or deserved. (The whole running off with him idea is rather appealing as time goes on to be honest, but I won’t do anything rash or that spontaneous) We’ve hit and passed the 1-year mark and things are great. I honestly never thought I’d fall in love before I met him (ask my Mom, I told her to arrange a marriage for me if I was 25 and still single, because I’d be out of school and way past ready or so I thought then). The funny part is that for me, a lot of this is so new and all full of firsts, because seriously out of the first 2-3 guys that called me their girlfriend back in middle and high school not one of them even bothered to hold my hand (exempting the one that would grab my wrists or my hands to push me around).

So yeah life is getting to something called *normal* and I”m actually knitting again.

****Knitting Section (Tiny I Know)****

So, what does a girl do in 6 months? Sadly very little. I’ve finished one small anklet pair of socks that I’m still debating the pattern over in my head but I *love* the color.

Then I finished knitting up the Apres Surf Hoodie sans hood, it simply awaits blocking which I’ll be doing tomorrow.

And the first sock that were my Dad’s Christmas present. Thankfully he said something along the lines of “Oh don’t worry, I can wait for [hand knit socks]”  so the final sock will be finished in the next month or so as I cry about how he wants cotton socks. (Side note: Why do guys in warm climates always refuse woolen socks? I live here too but there are days that wool socks are a must.) Boyfriend asked for black cotton socks as well when I offered to make him a pair, though he did specifically ask for black for work appropriate attire since these are special socks (at which point my heart kind of squeezed and I didn’t care that he asked for cotton, just that he knew they’d be special with out me saying anything about that).

Ok, that is way more than enough for one night. And now there will be more now that I don’t feel entirely swamped. Hope I didn’t bore any of you to death and I’ll be back again!