I’ve been a very bad blogger this year so here are my resolutions. (For my own reference since I tend to misplace things if I don’t leave them somewhere reliable.)

1) To blog something every week at least, and to not postpone because I’m feeling guilty about not having pictures to go along.

2) To get (and stay) in shape. I normally control my weight by controlling my food intake, and the way I’m doing it isn’t healthy, so this is a general self improvement thing.

3) To get more balanced, I’m ditsy and clueless by nature and I’ve had a taste of balance this last year, I need it to stick.

4) To rip out projects when I don’t like them instead of letting them develop roots in snoozeville. (This one came up because I found a project on a shelf I rarely touch and noticed that there was a 2 year layer of dust on it…yuck and very bad me for both leaving it and not dusting the far corners of the room.)

I don’t plan on nailing them but that’s the point of goals, put something just out of reach so even if you fall short you’re still ahead of where you were.