His name is Tobi. He’s a two year old American Cocker Spaniel I found at our local shelter in early December. Formerly abused and then abandoned it’s been taking some work but at least he doesn’t flinch at -every- single thing anymore or panic when I leave the house. (Well mostly on the latter one).

He came with the traditional hair style since they groomed him at the shelter, but me and my lovely ideas shaved him in mid-winter. I think it may have been the knitter in me trying to make an excuse to knit for him.

The cats get along reasonably well with him and all seems to be getting into a better rhythm (after the death of one knitted sock and a slipper unfortunately) but now I get to see what 2010 will bring.

(Also yeah that’s the best picture I could grab of him at the time, every time I’d turn on the camera he was very interested.)