3 hours after letting Guy see the swatch to give me input (granted his admiration of said swatch is totally redeeming and sweet but I’m not including that part) on his socks this is how our conversation went:

Me: “So how do you want your socks?”

Guy: “I don’t care really, do whatever you’d like.” (I think this is because he didn’t want to complicate things for me.)

Me: “So if I put in the side cables like the swatch you’re ok with that or like it?”

Guy: “No, not cabled.” (Whew, less worrying about running out of yarn but darn I wanted to put in those cables.)

Me: “So then ribbed or plain? (St st for the knitters, I didn’t want to push my luck by losing him with terminology.)

Guy: (Probably remembering the swatch in it’s bunchy rumpled unblocked state) “Something that will just lay flat.”

Me: (Deciding there is no way I’m doing a pair of men’s sized black cotton socks completely in stockinette:) So wide ribs or the narrower ones?”

Guy: (Thinking of the swatch:) “Will that lay flat?”

Me: (Giddy that he’s letting me give him something hand knit:) “Yup when you put them on they’ll be flat.”

Guy: “Oh ok, wide ribs then.”

Me: “Ok, I’ll finish measuring the swatch and start them.”

Guy: *grins*

I can’t wait to give them to him šŸ™‚

And there is no way socks count for the boyfriend curse right?