So I started the India Stole (rav link) since lace seems to be best under stress

I’m always under a lot of stress form winter until my birthday. But at least this time I was semi-productive. It’s a cute shawl pattern and I’m using clear glass beads with a silver core in them but the camera refuses to take a photo of them properly.

In theory it’s for me, but we’ll see. I have this mental idea that I could give every woman in the family a gorgeous shawl to have. But in practice that would be like 6-7 shawls to finish in the next 9 months.

As for life, does anyone else get stressed about getting older? It’s not a fear of growing up, more like freaking out that I’m not really following through with my life plan thing, and it isn’t because I haven’t been working on it. I just really didn’t think that other people wouldn’t be thinking along the same lines that I am for life.