And for once it’s not childcare related. Don’t get me wrong I love kids and want several of my own one day, but the one most stressful jobs I’ve had was being a nighttime nanny for an infant. It was probably the best birth control ever, because I value my sleep so much more now.

Ok on to the gig though. I’m a new Avon representative. I have an online shop here at the moment. Orders over $30 include free shipping, but I’m looking into finding a code for free shipping on any online orders for blog readers.

It’s an awesome job as far, flexible for school since that takes a huge chunk of time until June when I graduate.
Also, the Glazewear line right now is on sale for $1.99 and for each one you get an entry to win a Chevy Malibu. (Check out the site for a free entry since it’s the law! Hehe, can you tell I’m excited about this?)

Edit: Fixed Link