Ok so here’s how it goes. My parents gave me a spinning wheel last year when I turned 21. My mother was telling her friend how I loved to spin and make things. Said friend had a bale of cotton hanging around…don’t ask me, I don’t know how someone just has a bale of cotton hanging around the house. My mother’s friend then asked if I was interested in having the bale of cotton to spin. I couldn’t respond because I was busy trying to get my chin off the floor.

The next week this arrived:
Cotton Bale

Tennis ball included for scale:
Cotton Bale 2

The box in the lower corner is what I used to store it in once I took it out of the bale since the pets really liked the bale hanging around. It took 7 boxes >.<

I’ve started working with it a bit and carding it into punis so I can spin it up. It’s gorgeous, a soft creamy natural white and very nice when I spun a bit with just my fingers to test it.

My mother’s friend only asked for a scarf, so once I get that done I can play! But wow, I’ll be busy for a while.