Why is it my brain always turns on at night? I drag along during the day in summer and then at night, bam, I have like 5 new ideas of things to do.

Current things I’m working on:

BF Socks (sweater curse be damned he is getting these socks for his birthday).

Handmade fabric labels ( I have some cool ideas for these that I read about but I can’t remember where so I can’t link, thinking of doing my own tutorials )

Doggy Belly Bands (Because a certain someone *still* has trouble with the whole “Hey Mom, I need to go out, come with me?” thing. I have him on a schedule but it doesn’t cover him 100% sometimes)

Cotton spinning! And carding, and cleaning…making my own cotton punis and spinning them out, I may post pics of it on the wheel but I’m going to play with the first bobbin full and see how it does when I wash and beat it up a little.

I need to find my camera so I can post all of these things! So much pent up energy at nights, if only I could use the sewing machine at midnight without waking anyone up, lol.