Sew, sew again.

Fairly straight forward to make I whipped up this little thing within a couple days of getting the idea.
Belly Band Top View

It’s 100% Cotton (other than the trim and Velcro anyway) and machine washable. The inside is basically just absorbent cotton flannel. One solid piece on the underside, with several smaller blocks inside for absorbency, topped with a cotton print fabric (there’s actually glitter on the green fabric but hey, at least it isn’t pink…) Then I added the Velcro strips and used a satin ribbon to trim the edges and give it a finished look.
Belly Band Inner

Tobi doesn’t mind wearing it when put on properly, though he does get a bit annoyed that he can’t really lick himself…down there…
Belly Band Side View
I love it, I think I’ll make more…

Not that you’d know it since my model is napping from all the heat, that slab of marble is the coldest place in the house since fluffy dogs shouldn’t really be living in the desert.
Sleeping Belly Band Model

And tomorrow, sock in progress pictures! Since I’ll just deal with being productive at night for now.