Guy got his socks today, and I never took one picture of them…
We had been down in Escondido having a dinner date after he got off work today since I won’t get to see him again for another month or so and I’ll be missing his birthday.

Other than my failings with the camera the socks went over extremely well. I quote “Oh my gosh these are freaking awesome, I’m impressed!” “They’re a perfect fit, how did you do that?” and “I’ll have to wear these for special occasions.” were a few of my favorite complements, and it made knitting for him very worth it. He’s had the best reaction to a knitted gift that I’ve ever gotten and I’m completely smitten with him for it.

He was grinning when I gave them to him and he quickly removed his shoes and socks to try them on. It was great watching him enjoy them, and so totally worth the lack of sleep the last couple days trying to finish them in time. I might bug him about taking a picture of them for me, but I’m undecided if I should just wait until he comes back and then take a picture myself.

One side note he did wonder how someone could be patient enough to make loops in other loops in order to make socks. (hehe)

Pattern details:
Knock-Off Socks (Rav link) by Mary the Hobbit
I used a solid color Fortissima Cotton in black, it’s a 75% cotton 25% nylon blend and perfect for Florida winters for Guy (who is my personal furnace whenever I’m cold). It’s also fairly easy care, the yarn suggests hand washing and laying flat to dry but I’ve worked with it before and it can handle being tossed in the washing machine and it won’t shrink in the dryer if it’s set to low heat (perfect for a guy no?) I’m thrilled with this project and thrilled that he loved them so much. đŸ™‚