OK I know I kind of slacked off there procrastinating about posting the wedding stuff, but I kind of needed a little time to get a grip, plus I was sick and house-sitting for the first two weeks after so I was a bit busy.

So the wedding turned out mostly uneventful. I finished the dress and her knitted shawl in time (I may have killed the sewing machine, it wasn’t happy about having to go through 6 layers of fabric at times.) The bodice I actually did a lot by hand (~20 hours worth of hand sewing, hulu was my friend).

The venue was my Grandmother’s back yard where we had two tents set up which was great because the weather went from morning showers to afternoon heat and they helped out a lot.

Dad walked her down the aisle (Mom was taking the pics so much that I didn’t even realize we forgot to get pics with her in them until after the wedding, ugh!)
Dad and Amanda

Vows were said:
Saying their vows

My baby sister became a Mrs.
The new Mr. and Mrs.

And the cake was eaten before it melted in the shade

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