So I wanted to surprise my new brother-in-law with a hand knit stocking to match my sister’s stocking (the whole family has hand knit stockings courtesy of my Grandmother Marie).

I figured I had a good 4 weeks maybe 6 even before I had to mail it and put it in the postmasters hands. Then my parents told me, we’re spending an early Christmas with them the first week of December….

That’s 18 days. DAYS. I feel a little faint, I need to go get yarn and design a snowman and dig up my sister’s stocking to reference in little over 2 weeks.

Plus they live in Colorado now, so for the visit, I’m going to be stuck with purchased mittens and thick socks (Tobi ate a couple of my hand knit socks belonging to different pairs of socks that have yet to be replaced, unless I wear uneven pairs….)

p.s. Would it be insane to also try to squeeze in the making of thrummed mits for my sister as a gift? Desert girl is being acclimated to cold mountain living, she called asking for her warm jacket she forgot to pack just a week or two after the wedding. At least I knit her a thick and huge scarf (shawl pattern I knit worsted a week before the wedding), it was her main source of warmth away from the heater.

p.s.s. Crap I have no time before the real Christmas at this rate to finish the shawl I was planning on giving my cousin…asking for extensions to family seems bad…