It’s good to know that a second sock is not required when making a Christmas stocking.

Pics once it’s completed, I may even flash my floats. Though at this rate, I’m going to need to figure out some new car knitting…
Yay for 15+ hour car trips! (Then another 15 back, whee…)

I’ll be back assuming I’m still sane after this. Though the Oregon drive of 2008 should have given me enough training. As a reference the Oregon trip was a 12-13 hour drive, courtesy of my Mother’s adventurousness and my terror of planes. (Can’t fly this time because we’re hauling a bunch of my Sister’s stuff so the new couple actually has a bed to sleep on rather than a futon, and to drop off her cat.) The fact that no planes are involved is a plus. Though we should go get some chains for the car. Sis just texted me a picture of snow at their apartment a couple inches deep.

Ok back to list making and packing and making sure I have long underwear for 7 degree weather. (Florida is looking really good right now.)