For some reason every year I always resolve to blog more and yet it’s always the one resolution that fails miserably. So this year, I’m not going to worry about it. (For surely the moment I say I’m not going to blog, I do so. I’m weird like that.)

What I should do is catch up on the backlog of stuff I’ve been meaning to blabber about. The great No-Handmade-Gifts-so-I don’t-go-nuts-Christmas of course turned into the Well-I can-squeeze-in-a-few-without-going-nuts-Christmas.

First, because of the wedding that sucked away several months of my life year, we had a new family member that was lacking a matching stocking. (I should write about them in detail one day, the whole family has hand knit stockings made by my paternal Grandmother and since she’s retired from knitting I thought I should pick up the tradition.) But so began the design and knitting of this stocking. It actually only took a week of knitting to do, but it did show me that despite being fairly good at Fair Isle (pardon the pun) and short quick floats, I fail horribly at Intarsia. (The snowman is tied in from the inside to make sure he doesn’t pucker or fall out >.< )
Steven's Stocking
Back of Steven's Stocking

Then of course I couldn’t leave out my sister, who now needs all sorts of housewarming type gifts. I decided to use up the rest of her Wedding dress fabric and turn it into a set of pillowcases. My plan would have been perfect had I measured before cutting and making one pillowcase, I was officially short 1.5 inches on the shorter width of the pillowcase dimensions. So I fudged it a bit and substituted some Bridesmaid dress fabric so that it would at least match the colors of the Wedding.
Satin Pillowcases
Sorry about the picture, they turned out really big and hard to photograph because of the shine that is satin.

And, I just looked at the clock. I’ll save the rest for another day because it’s 2am and I need to get in bed so I can sleep before Tobi wakes me up ready to start his day.