So as I continue the Christmas post in January (go ahead and snicker), all I really had left to write about was one gift. Clearly I have problems with thinking up blog fodder but that’s another post.

The last hand made gift I made of the year was some tatting, I used some Lizbeth size 20 thread in the color Purple Dark, and some red seed beads from the bead stash.
Spanish Dancer Earrings1
I have to say I loved this pattern, it’s the Spanish Dancer Earring pattern by the lovey Krystle of the Krystledawne Tats blog that I lurk. The pattern itself is very easy to understand and read even for a newbie tatter like myself.

These earrings went to my Paternal Grandmother, who called me Christmas morning to say how much she loved the colors and the design and I totally agreed, I want to make a pair or two for myself now.

Going to cut this post short yet again because we’re remodeling the bathroom and the wall texture fumes are making me a bit lightheaded, and this calls for a trip outside.