In an effort to just blog a little today I have to mention the fabric that has been stuck in my head for months now.


I wasn’t even looking for fabric for myself when I saw this originally (and why I didn’t buy it then and there), but I keep thinking about the dress I was considering making a few months ago.

It all started when I started putting together some ideas about starting my own business and my best friend since Kindergarten realized I wasn’t just babbling about fabrics all this time, I really did know what I was doing. She asked if I could do a dress for her, which I responded that I could, but the idea fell through somewhere along the line.

I just never could get the dress idea to fall out of my head. I keep envisioning that fabric sewn with reverse pleats to make a fitted bodice and a higher boat neck neckline in the front, and a lower scoop neck on the back, letting the pleats create a poofy bottom that would reach to about the knee and sewn up to the lining underneath to finish off the poof. I have no reason whatsoever to make the dress for myself as there are no special occasions coming up, but I wish there were so I’d have an excuse to make the dress. Maybe I could just buy a small bit of the fabric and make a pillow…