So this FO is actually older than Guy and my relationship by a couple weeks. I finished this on Dec 31st 2007. It oddly kind of reminds me of us when I see the pattern worked along it lol.

Swan Lake Tip

It starts off as a single stitch, small and inconspicuous, not really even knowing what beginning to unfold. The lace weaves up the edges slowly growing into more, and around here I even had a small blip when I forgot a bead, but it was easily fixed because I caught it soon. But there it was steadily growing and expanding and involving several lace patterns in a beautiful display.

Swan Lake Center Panel

The center panel (and really about where I feel right now with Guy, but I know enough to say the rest seems like us too) was longer than I felt comfortable knitting in one pattern after the tip, while the twisting continues the pattern mellows out. It’s consistent and constant just a few rows repeating in the center as I slowly proceeded anxious to get the next part. Then it changes, the whole thing becomes a twist, every facet joining and weaving in together and beginning a whole new piece, the wing.

Swan Lake Wing

The wing, like the tip, begins on one or two stitches. Like a new beginning and a new pattern, this time expanding much more rapidly as the feathers form, beads glitter along the wing like drops of ice and diamonds. Finishing with longer feathers and rows of beads, finishing and completing the whole project with a sort of glamor I’ve yet to find in another stole pattern.

I loved knitting this, it’s so light and airy, yet incredibly warm. Looking at the pictures makes me want to knit a second…

Ravelry link here, and it *should* be visible to non members as long as you use that link to get to it.

(My only other FO to show is a sewn item and I was too busy sewing other things to take pictures so you get this little tidbit instead, hope you like it.)