Wound up tiling the bathrooms, so I’ve been offline for a bit. We’re about 1/2 done, but I’ll post pics of the finished product later.

Tobi tried to help which resulted in a break from laying tile to having a quick paw bath so we wouldn’t get nice paw print mortar tracks on the carpet. We had to take the door off so he pranced right in, but now he’s learned.

On a few other busy notes, trying to get more designs into finished products so I can start posting them on etsy. Trying to figure out what to wear for my 5 year high school reunion since I can’t bring Guy, but I still want to look confident and hot. The latter because several of my old classmates are already married and my lack of commitment despite having been in this relationship longer than they’ve known their own spouses irritates the hell out of me. Then in the middle of that yet another friend that has not even known her boyfriend for 5 months yet is now engaged, which brings my total for engaged friends well into the double digits, as well as my stress level being pushed up several more notches.

Did I mention I’m also moving should Escrow work out fine without too many bumps?

I may turn this into a rant blog…