It’s just one of those months.

No really, I think it’s mostly just an overwhelmed feeling lately. There’s my business (start up, getting price guides set, making prototypes and samples), the visit to my sister looming (Since we picked the one month of the year I’m 3 years older to visit and I’ll be seeing my much younger already married sister. Still haven’t gotten over it, don’t really know how to, but having newly engaged friends call to tell me they want to show me their new ring and gab about horrible color combinations really doesn’t help.), my looming birthday next week, house hunting, the tiling and post tiling leaking toilet saga (4 people + 1 bathroom + Sunday morning getting ready for church = not fun), pet vacation arrangements (I have a dog that channels Houdini apparently), and the fact that I haven’t been in the same State as Guy since September.

Actually after listing all that I’m realizing there is a reason I feel this way. I’m also mildly impressed that I haven’t been losing my hair. And no wonder I’ve been knitting like mad lately. For the first time ever I started a pair of socks, tried on the first, knew it wouldn’t fit but kept knitting and I kept it up until the second was finished and ends woven in and now I’m wondering what to do with the damn things since they’re too tight and were making my toes numb. I may take pics for posterity (and a record of my temporary insanity) before frogging them. Actually I think I should just to keep on hand to warn myself in the future.

I have some pics on my camera atm of another FO, I think I’ll upload those tomorrow. The more I’m babbling the calmer I’m getting, or the lack of sleep is kicking in. I may get some ice cream and go volunteer on Ravelry as an editor, I just can’t wind down tonight to get calm enough to sleep, though granted part was my father’s fault for picking a suspense movie for family movie night. My mother and grandmother joined me for a chick flick to get the former out of our heads, but it didn’t work so well on me.

So blah! And I apologize for the potentially unintelligible babbling.