Proving that I actually can knit a scarf without killing myself, the Kernel is done.

Rosehip Kernel 1

Rosehip Kernel 4

I used my own handspun. About 50g Merino gifted to me several years ago that I spun into a 2 ply laceweight (light fingering in places due to my newbieness back then).

The pattern was easy to follow when I would finish a repeat at a time. Though that’s probably due to my own scatterbrained state lately. I had some beads from the bead stash that I used, no clue about the size or color (if they had one) though my proudest moment was using every last yard of the yarn. I knit the end and left it attached to the end of the ball, thinking I’d at least be able to estimate that I needed that much in order to use up the very last few yards. Well I knit and passed the suggested number of repeats (I think I wound up with like 30.5) ending mid chart where the diamonds half finished before the last halves were knit and sure enough, I had 1 yard exactly to use to graft the sides together. I like to live on the edge, and it paid off. After weaving in all ends and grafting I saw the scraps, I think I had no more than 12 inches of yarn left all scraps combined.

My birthday was Wednesday, I’m now 23 and I sleep with a bear Guy gave me on my last birthday.
The sleeping with the bear really comes more from the fact that the one birthday gift I wish I could have had was Guy because we’ve been apart for about 7 months now. I’ve been struggling more with not being engaged yet because of his job keeping us apart and my age/birthday.