So after a mental health break I’m back, and with actual knitting content! So look a FO!

Purple Victorian Scarf/Shawl

I’m calling it my Purple Victorian Scarf because the name it has in the pattern book is “Scarf or Shawl with center pattern” it’s from the book Victorian Lace Today by Jane Sowerby. Guy actually bought me the book over a year ago and I initially planned this particular project as a gift for his mother, but I think I’m keeping it, for now at least. As for the yarn I lost the ballband some time ago but I do recall it being Knitpick’s laceweight in a purple heather colorway.

It was a very simple knit as lace goes, the knitted on border was fun to do since I’ve never done one like that before and it was a way to get my feet wet.

Scarf Side detail

I’ve been busy knitting a lot more lately, as well as a lot of sewing since I’ve sort of self employed myself since my typical luck has applied itself to me finding a job, which I’m still in the process of looking for. I’ll probably start to add sewing projects to the blog since at least then I’d have something to post about on a daily basis. Sewing goes so much faster, in one day I can say “Look what I did” versus knitting which tends to go along the lines of “Look at the 20 rows of the shawl I did” which makes sewing much more photographic on a daily basis.

And what have I been up to in the last 4 months? Well, I’ve moved to the beautiful city of Riverside, Painted so much of the house that paint rollers make me a little nauseous, helped my Dad put in a new laminate wood floor (see under the purple scarf), and other home renovating things around the house. There are honestly too many to really list, and my brain likes to not think of the condition of the house when we got the keys, it’s really so much better now.

Guy and I also got back together 3 days after my last posting. I have his big brother to thank a bit for giving him a shake and telling him he was being silly. But unfortunately that means my boyfriend is in Japan now and will be until summer of next year it seems. I have a whole new respect for army wives and girlfriends. Though besides this I’m not entirely sure if I’ll really be posting much else about this. I’m going to try to keep this as a strictly craft blog. At the very least so I can organize some of my thoughts.

Next on the Agenda, no clue really. I’ll see what I get done tomorrow, I have a shawl that’s getting close to complete but as it’s lace it really looks like cat yak at the moment since it’s not blocked. So probably sewing…