Finished a second Aeolian Shawl this time sort of for myself. Not really sure if I’ll gift it, but it’s likely. This one I used my own handspun that was a 50/50 Merino and Tussah silk blend that I purchased somewhere in Oregon (Jacksonville I think). It was vacation fiber in a gorgeous jewel tone palette. I turned it into a 2 ply which muted the bright gold into the purples, teals and blues. Partly intentional and partly because I was a rather new spinner at the time and I didn’t understand how plying and spinning affected the colors in the roving.

Aeolian 2.2

It knit up beautifully and I finally conquered my fear of nupps, now I simply dislike them because they seem a waste of yarn and time. But the rest of the lace worked out wonderfully. I even sort of devised a simple little beading hook since I don’t have a crochet hook smaller than a size 8, which I think I’ll make a little tutorial for since it helped speed up the beading.

Aeolian 2.3

Aeolian 2.4

I’m half tempted to make a second with the same yarn as I have the 2nd half of the skein left over. I wrote on a card that I had 828 yards come out of the roving but after knitting up the shawl I either have at least another 400 yards or I miscounted and I had more yardage than I assumed. The 3rd picture is closest in color but unfortunately the tussah silk loved reflecting all the light in the room and from the camera so it made it a bit of a pain to take pictures of, I’ll have to see what it looks like outside since I blocked it today and didn’t pull it off the pins until nightfall.

About the pattern, I love it. It was such a fun knit and clearly after doing 2 of them I’m still not sick of it. That and I’m on a pretty big lace kick this summer. Now off to sewing and paid work, le sigh. I need to figure out how to make knitting pay more, lol. Alas, a recession is probably not the best time to find customers looking for custom work.