So as I was sitting down to my computer tonight I opened my desk drawer and saw my camera sitting there, and then something clicked. I never posted the picture I took of the giant drapes that I just finished and spent days cursing at sewing.

So here they are in their giant sized glory:
Abuelita's Closet

They’re the biggest drapes in the house only beaten by my parent’s master bedroom window that is a whopping 91 inches across. Sewing-wise they are very very basic, just straight stitch, hems on 3 sides with the top fold over for the bar to be encased. My dad had to use a closet hang bar (no idea what it’s really called) at the opening since we used the fabric to replace the old badly warped doors that were abandoned in the garage since who knows when. My mother and grandmother came up with the idea and fabric and I just did the sewing.

The fabric was my main concern, my Grandmother picked out a rather thick fabric, cotton, but with the feel of canvas almost. On the edges when the hems overlapped I actually had to hand walk the machine through and even then I was a little worried I’d bend/break a needle or ruin the motor on my sewing machine. But thankfully all survived including my fingers, despite a couple deep pokes when I’d be pushing a pin through hard when it would suddenly poke through and into my finger. I’m just glad this is done, there was so much fabric my sewing desk was covered each time I’d sit and sew, worse than when I was sewing the skirt of my sister’s wedding dress.

I’m happy with it though, and I hope she will be too, even though I finished these almost a week ago my Grandmother hasn’t been here for her weekend visits yet to see them both hung and finished. Now back to even more sewing, but with much thinner fabric thank goodness!