I was realizing today that most of my knitting is really just comfort zone knitting. I can cable, knit blindfolded, entrelac, lace has gotten to be rather simple enough that I don’t have to watch every stitch anymore either. Until I thought of trying to knit a pantyliner.

This is not the most common knitted object by far, but I have an attraction to anything that will result in less plastic and less waste going to the landfills. In my little mental world if something can’t be burned into decomposition faster, it shouldn’t really be going to a landfill because it’s just going to sit there and dirty the earth. So I’ve been looking at sewn reusable (read: machine washable) pantyliners and I even found a knit pantyliner recipe but it was a 1×1 rib pattern. I knit a swatch but it didn’t really seem to be what I was looking for, the texture was too uneven for a delicate flower such as me (and I was only testing the swatch with my fingers, I knew it would be more uncomfortable once in use).

So I thought about what the best texture could be, well, plain stockinette would be a nice smooth finish, right? Yes, but there were a few problems with that idea. First of all stockinette curls, a lot, especially when it’s something small that can’t have a lot of patterning to help balance it out. Second, one layer of fingering weight cotton made it really thin, and sort of hole-y when it gets tugged out of shape, thereby defeating it’s true purpose. I suppose I could sew a fabric liner to it, but that seemed like it wouldn’t fix the curling issue. And then I had my A-ha! moment. Double knitting. The stockinette sides would balance each other out, I’d get my smooth texture, and it would be thick enough to do it’s job, while still compressing and being thin enough to not be a bulky uncomfortable mess.

But then my new problem, I’ve never done double knitting. No clue how to even start until I found this wonderful woman:

She’s very detailed and by far had the clearest, easiest to follow instructions. I could have hugged her when it clicked (videos work best for me, I’m a tactile learner so I watch and pause as copy the movements).

Now I’m off to work up a swatch and pattern. But I’m also curious, how do you learn best? Reading text, listening to instructions, or by actually doing it yourself?

And as a sidenote, five posts in one month. Not what I was aiming for but much better than my old rate. At least I’m improving. 🙂