Saturday IM conversation with Guy. I was making a tatted ornament sleeve.

Guy: What ya doing?
Me: Tatting.
Guy: Huh?
Me: I’ll send you a link to see it.
Guy: Tattooing? *
Me: No, tatting. With a shuttle and thread. **
Guy: Ahh.
Me: Not what you expected, huh?
Guy: Nope, cool though.

*(Pretty sure he was picturing me with a needle trying to tattoo myself at home before finding out what shuttle tatting is.)

**(Here is where I added the link of an ornament I was getting inspiration for. I’ll post the pic later of my finished object.)

I’ve been officially tatting for a few years now, clearly not full time or one would think the Guy would have noticed a bit sooner. The knitting thing he couldn’t miss at least, considering he has a pair of knitted socks I would hope not anyway, lol.