So November and December have now passed me in a blur. There will be LOTS of crafty pictures to follow after this weekend so I need to upload a lot off of the trusty old camera.

I find myself looking at 2012 in a completely different place than I pictured at the beginning of 2011, but it’s a good thing. God does know better what I truly need even when I’m trying to make things go my way. I just need to learn to trust more. In that sense I’m looking at 2012 round the corner with a new boyfriend (here fore referred to as Jack, courtesy of one of his coworkers that now likes to call me Sally as well), looking a going back to school, and still looking for a job that will take me with my limited experience. Also, Jack knows about the blog and did a bit of prodding about why I haven’t been posting lately so I’ll have to remedy that.

And it can’t be New Year’s Eve without some resolutions, but these are a few that I’ve worked up.

1) Read the Bible in a Year completely and chronologically. Here is a pdf of the plan I found and will be trying to follow. Although another good reference I found using a wide variety of versions you can read online can be found here.

2) Exercise! I’ve really been slacking on this one since the move and earlier this year when I got sick and had a bad reaction to the antibiotics they put me on. I need to get my yoga ball out and reinflate it since it’s been hanging around empty since the move and with that I haven’t really been sticking with my yoga/pilates routine. Hopefully my Mom will be joining me in this one as I work on my core and try to get back into running.

3) Waist Training. I love corsets, and I’m currently in the research phase but I hope to be making a waist training corset for myself and begin work on cinching down a bit. I am not going to become what is known as a “tight lacer” because that is way too extreme, I just want to cut down a couple inches to help give myself more of an hourglass shape. So I may start posting about that when I start.

And that’s all for now, I’ll see you all next year. Happy New Year everyone!