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Somehow, blogging always seems easier when I’m most distressed. Writing as therapy? Probably. However, at least I have some photographic proof of what I’ve been up to this year. Or at least what I was up to semi-most recently. (Still looking for the pictures of my Christmas projects, I have a bad feeling that 12+ projects made it through and the 3 fuzzy pictures I found on my camera are the only ones I bothered to take in the wrapping rush. Ugh!)

But on to sewing, since I’ve at least been doing lots and lots of that and here is a project I was very proud to be done with:
M Valentine Dress

This was a custom order dress for my friend M who needed a dress for her cousin’s wedding on Valentine’s Day. The main part of the dress doesn’t show it well but the sleeves show a hint that the main body is worked up 2 layers of a red lace on red satin. The bust had some pleating and it had more of a semi-fitted empire waist which I thought would be more flattering on her body shape. The lace only sleeves gave it more of a feminine flow since the red on red color seemed a bit severe and I like how it turned out. Actually I’m very pleased with how the whole dress turned out, if I were to change anything I would just change maybe the lace color or the solid color to break up the solid color scheme.

Clearly I seem to have forgotten how quickly I can do this posting thing when I have everything I need already on my computer, that didn’t take nearly as long as I thought it would. I need to start keeping a journal I think.