Spring has arrived here in Southern California and the weather is perfect for hiking. Which is exactly what Jack* and I did yesterday. We were in the mood to do something out of the house after church and somehow the idea of Letterboxing popped into my head.

If you haven’t tried it before, letterboxing is a sort of grown up treasure hunt but instead of treasure, you’re searching for a box containing a stamp and notebook. Luckily for us there was one right here in Riverside just sitting on Mt. Rubidoux waiting for us to find.

Mt. Rubidoux has both paved and unpaved hiking trails and luckily the Mission Inn Bee letterbox is along one of the paved paths. Luckily, because we were dressed for Church and going on the unpaved trails may not have turned out as well. It was a 1 1/4 mile trek uphill and gave beautiful views of Riverside while we got to enjoy the great weather and warm late afternoon sunlight.

We found the box and were happy to find that it was still there after having been planted there originally in 2007 and it was a great surprise to see the pages of stamps from other people who had been there as well and placed a stamp to mark their visit. We placed our own stamps to mark our visit and returned the box to it’s hiding place.

Here we are on our way back down, it was a great Sunday afternoon trip and there will definitely be more letterboxes in the future.

As for knitting, not much to report at the moment. I’ve been working on a huge baby blanket for a friend and I’m trying to rush and make sure it’s done before the baby arrives. Pictures to follow once it has been finished.

*Jack is his blog name, probably a bit too similar to a normal name but it’s a nickname he’s picked up and I like it. Because of this one of his coworkers calls me Sally as well. Extra points if you know the movie…