I have a friend’s baby shower this upcoming weekend.

Three separate baby bootie patterns and attempts died in the last week as I was getting gauge (in swatch and in the actual knitted bootie form mind you) and STILL they were coming out too small. Going up a needle size on the booties seemed like it would leave too loose a fabric to be of use for winter babies so the booties idea was scrapped.

The Fourth Time was a simple plain stockinette stitch hat with a curled brim. The most simple little pattern, I was simply going to dress it up after the knitting by adding 2 ears and a little bear face to the front when I was done. And then my neck/shoulder/left arm and wrist reminded me why I don’t knit with large needles in the colder months. Something about the slight hand/finger positioning that is different in needles 4mm in diameter and larger makes my muscles seize up when the temperature starts dipping under 70F. So long story short, the hat was scrapped.

The fifth attempt I think I’m going back to the booties idea, I have a thicker yarn I can try with needles a size or two up that *should* give me the right gauge to produce the right size booties to be of some use rather than sit in a drawer looking like they are sized for a doll.

Playing with the tape measure made me realize that even with my proper 7 sts per inch and 28 sts which *should* give me 4 inch long booties was only if those 28 sts were in a straight line, not the curved half-bottom of a bootie sole which was measuring a strange 2 7/8 inches long while I scratched my head and ripped the aforementioned bootie out before my own pregnancy hormone cocktail had me crying with frustration.

So tomorrow the plan is simple, get some laundry done before work, make a nice large cup of decaf coffee and sit and force the next pair of booties to work before I run out of time this week. Because oh, did I mention? She’s expecting twins…