Well I made my deadline for the booties. I finally figured out a gauge system that worked, though I suspect that Pregnancy Brain had a huge role in why I couldn’t get things to work for a bit there. Posting is late because the Shower took place the weekend I had planned on posting and then I got whacked by some odd cold like thing that was enough to make me miserable but not enough to keep me home from work. But enough about me, on to the booties!

Guerra Twins 1Ravelry link here.

The Pattern is Blue Steps by Regina Willer, the original pattern is in Dutch, but it is available in English. My one issue with the English pattern was that it was very difficult to understand, thankfully the commenters on Ravelry include some lovely ladies who have retranslated the pattern to a more readable and useable form.

The pink yarn I absolutely fell in love with, Euro Baby Babe yarn was absolutely fabulous to work with. It knit up like butter, slightly splitty but the yarn feel as it knit up and the finished fabric more than made up for that problem. The blue booties were made from Cascade Yarns Cherub Collection 4 Ply, which is a fingering weight yarn but using the same exact needles knit up to the same exact size as the pink ones… yeah still scratching my head there. The yarn was good, felt thinner than the pink (obviously) but worked up just as well. It was very soft, but lacked the “buttery” quality of the Babe yarn.

The only mods I made to the retranslated version of the pattern I used was to make them in the round on DPN’s so to achieve this I cast on 40 sts with a long tail cast on and then seamed up the bottom before doing the foot decreases. I normally wouldn’t put a seam on the bottom of a foot, but as these are for babies and supposed to be for the 0-3 month range I highly doubt they will be worn while walking so at least they won’t be uncomfortable.

I wound up loving the bootie pattern and especially the Babe yarn that I’ve already made another pair for my little one and have plans for another pair, but that’s another post. All in all, very happy with this project, and happy that they were well received by the Mommy to be and family.