I have been incredibly productive lately in the knitting/crafting front, which is great since I now have actual blog fodder that consists of actual content. However, it means I haven’t been posting because I’ve been busy squeezing every last bit of knitting time in between work and Christmas preparations.

As I finally finished a commissioned piece and they’ve received it, I can finally post about it. Not that they would have seen it here to begin with, but it involved color work which I naturally tend to dislike and when it’s Red Heart acrylic that’s being matched to a set made almost 40 years ago, well that doesn’t lend to me being thrilled with it.

Macee StockingThere is a bit of history here, however. My paternal Grandmother was a knitter, and actually a rather specialized knitter. She made hundreds, if not thousands (I’m not kidding in the slightest here…) of these Christmas Stockings in her lifetime. She’s still around, but arthritis and eyesight no longer allow her to enjoy knitting as she used to. Personally, I blame the Red Heart acrylic with the arthritis, my own hands get achy and sore when using the stuff and it’s pretty much the one type of yarn I avoid without being allergic to it. Anyway, back to the stockings. Since my Grandmother made so many of these things, every single person in the family has one. Well, except for Macee, she unfortunately was born a few years after my Grandmother’s knitting retirement and so for the last 3 years she has been the stocking-less family member. That was until earlier this year when her Grandfather (my Grandmother’s Nephew) asked me if I could do it. I accepted much more quickly than I should have, but almost a year later I did it. It lacks the main intarsia motif that all my Grandmother’s stockings are known for, and clearly it puckered around the hearts, but I’m happy with it because I did my best, even when I wanted to stuff it down the garbage disposal and deny ever accepting the challenge.

Also, I’m just pretty thrilled that it won’t be living with me so I can now close that chapter of knitting history and open up a new one for my own family’s stockings. Which probably will include color work, but done well with wool, never again with Red Heart acrylic. (Not that I’m biased…)