It’s Been a While

So it’s been 5 months. As DH has informed me, the blog has been sadly neglected to the point of near abandonment this summer. To be honest though, it’s been a pretty busy or at least event filled summer.

Things started off with a bang when I visited Solvang and Jalama Beach with my parents and I have pictures, but we’ll have to see if I get that into a post.

However, a huge event that has led to the huge lack of my ability to blog this summer was due to some very special news.

23 WeeksDH and I are expecting! I’m currently 24 weeks and thrilled, and of course I’ve been knitting and planning on the things I need to get done before the baby arrives. I have a nearly complete baby sweater and baby blanket in progress, but those are for other posts.

As for finished objects just a small project to report for now. Not knitting this time, but rather quilting. The picture is a bit dark, I’m still adjusting to my phone camera which I realized this summer takes pictures that are much better quality than my old camera, so they will have to do until I get more practice in or at the very least, decide to take pictures at a halfway decent hour when there is sunlight available.

Quilted PlacematsMy beginner attempt at learning quilting, aka placemats. Just a basic half square triangle design that I dabbled with, one fat quarter of the darker contrast fabric was enough for both placemats, and I believe I used less than 3/4 of a yard of the lighter fabric for the half square triangles, backing and the binding. It was a good practice for me as I learned a few new things about my sewing machine. One huge realization was that the little mark it has to show where your 1/4 inch seam allowance would be, is so not 1/4 inch. This was actually a rather quick project to complete, I started cutting out the pieces earlier this week and then finished the binding earlier today. All in all, not too shabby for a first completed project.

A Small Delay

So as it happens in the spirit of sharing on Christmas day, my DH’s whole family traded a nasty cold and I went home and posted while being an unsuspecting target. Being the newest member of the family I seem to have gotten hit hardest, probably because I haven’t been exposed to their particular set of germs long enough to get some good antibodies in place. Yesterday was my first day out of bed so as such I’ve gotten absolutely nothing done and I don’t have any knitting or  progress or work to show.

My goal will be to be posting on Tuesdays, since I neglected to mention that in my last post, however due to the ill timing of this cold I’ll be starting next week. I hope everyone else had a healthy and warm Christmas and New Year’s Day.

Cross Your Fingers

It’s less than 10 days until Christmas.

I’ve casted on for my DH’s first pair of handknit socks.

I need to knit a minimum of 4″ (closer to 5) of sock per day to finish on time.

I’m pretty sure I can do it.



Also praying and thinking of the families in Newtown, Connecticut. My heart breaks thinking of what they are going through, I only hope and pray that God gives them peace and his love and mercy.

Where I get my M.R.S.

My Paternal Grandmother always had a joke that some girls only go to college to get their M.R.S. (as in Mrs. Prince Charming). I however met my “Mr. Right” at the ripe old age of 3  though we clearly waited quite awhile and stayed in the friends stage up until a little over a year ago and now tying the knot almost 3 weeks ago.

Gene's Photography: Andrea and Steven &emdash;

We made it to the altar in one piece. Me barely as I had a brief fainting spell during pictures after the ceremony due to me having eaten twice and slept a cumulative 9 hours in the 48 hours prior to the wedding. But once I had some grapes and crackers in me I was fine for the rest of the night.

All in all it was a great day although exhausting and surprisingly fast. We also got an absolutely breathtaking sunset to watch during the reception which makes that picture my absolute favorite.

*You can click the preview photo to see the gallery of our wedding pictures done by the photographer.

**If you’re curious my Something Old was the gloves I wore which my Paternal Grandmother wore to her own wedding in 1949, New was my dress that I made with only a month left for the wedding (yes I procrastinate), Borrowed were the gloves again since my Grandmother wants those back, and Blue was a handkerchief that my Mother bought in a little shop in Italy in 2006 when we went on a trip with my Senior class from High School to London, Paris and Italy.

April 18


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I am completely uninspired for a title this time. I refuse to use the actual names of babies and children because I’m a security nut online but unfortunately the name my friend and her husband picked lends itself to a lot of cute literature twists, but they’d run too close to his name. All I can say is that against all odds they have welcomed a pretty healthy baby boy and now he properly has a knitted blankie to wrap up in for the rest of his life. And maybe use with his own children one day… One can hope anyway.

So, I did finally finish the baby blanket I was making for said baby. I got to drop it off this last weekend, only a week after Baby S decided to make his appearance. He was early though, so *technically* I would have been done on time had that not happened… This is not the first close call with a project, as my Dad likes to say, I’m a procrastiknitter.

It turned out a bit bigger than I imagined, but that can be a good thing. It’s a decent baby blanket size that will work even for a 7 year old I think.

Pattern is from Victorian Lace Today by Jane Sowerby (pattern on page 54, aka “Large Rectangle in leaf and trellis pattern with trellis border”), though it was worked with DK weight yarn and US size 8 needles. I did one extra width-wise repeat and only did 12 pattern repeats length wise in order to make this blanket sized. I cast on in the beginning of March but I wasn’t completely dedicated until I realized the kid was most definitely not going to wait for his due date. Otherwise, a pretty relaxing knit and I did love the center panel, it worked up like a dream.

Mt. Rubidoux Letterboxing

Spring has arrived here in Southern California and the weather is perfect for hiking. Which is exactly what Jack* and I did yesterday. We were in the mood to do something out of the house after church and somehow the idea of Letterboxing popped into my head.

If you haven’t tried it before, letterboxing is a sort of grown up treasure hunt but instead of treasure, you’re searching for a box containing a stamp and notebook. Luckily for us there was one right here in Riverside just sitting on Mt. Rubidoux waiting for us to find.

Mt. Rubidoux has both paved and unpaved hiking trails and luckily the Mission Inn Bee letterbox is along one of the paved paths. Luckily, because we were dressed for Church and going on the unpaved trails may not have turned out as well. It was a 1 1/4 mile trek uphill and gave beautiful views of Riverside while we got to enjoy the great weather and warm late afternoon sunlight.

We found the box and were happy to find that it was still there after having been planted there originally in 2007 and it was a great surprise to see the pages of stamps from other people who had been there as well and placed a stamp to mark their visit. We placed our own stamps to mark our visit and returned the box to it’s hiding place.

Here we are on our way back down, it was a great Sunday afternoon trip and there will definitely be more letterboxes in the future.

As for knitting, not much to report at the moment. I’ve been working on a huge baby blanket for a friend and I’m trying to rush and make sure it’s done before the baby arrives. Pictures to follow once it has been finished.

*Jack is his blog name, probably a bit too similar to a normal name but it’s a nickname he’s picked up and I like it. Because of this one of his coworkers calls me Sally as well. Extra points if you know the movie…

When You Can’t Sleep, Blog.


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Somehow, blogging always seems easier when I’m most distressed. Writing as therapy? Probably. However, at least I have some photographic proof of what I’ve been up to this year. Or at least what I was up to semi-most recently. (Still looking for the pictures of my Christmas projects, I have a bad feeling that 12+ projects made it through and the 3 fuzzy pictures I found on my camera are the only ones I bothered to take in the wrapping rush. Ugh!)

But on to sewing, since I’ve at least been doing lots and lots of that and here is a project I was very proud to be done with:
M Valentine Dress

This was a custom order dress for my friend M who needed a dress for her cousin’s wedding on Valentine’s Day. The main part of the dress doesn’t show it well but the sleeves show a hint that the main body is worked up 2 layers of a red lace on red satin. The bust had some pleating and it had more of a semi-fitted empire waist which I thought would be more flattering on her body shape. The lace only sleeves gave it more of a feminine flow since the red on red color seemed a bit severe and I like how it turned out. Actually I’m very pleased with how the whole dress turned out, if I were to change anything I would just change maybe the lace color or the solid color to break up the solid color scheme.

Clearly I seem to have forgotten how quickly I can do this posting thing when I have everything I need already on my computer, that didn’t take nearly as long as I thought it would. I need to start keeping a journal I think.

The Jig is Up

So November and December have now passed me in a blur. There will be LOTS of crafty pictures to follow after this weekend so I need to upload a lot off of the trusty old camera.

I find myself looking at 2012 in a completely different place than I pictured at the beginning of 2011, but it’s a good thing. God does know better what I truly need even when I’m trying to make things go my way. I just need to learn to trust more. In that sense I’m looking at 2012 round the corner with a new boyfriend (here fore referred to as Jack, courtesy of one of his coworkers that now likes to call me Sally as well), looking a going back to school, and still looking for a job that will take me with my limited experience. Also, Jack knows about the blog and did a bit of prodding about why I haven’t been posting lately so I’ll have to remedy that.

And it can’t be New Year’s Eve without some resolutions, but these are a few that I’ve worked up.

1) Read the Bible in a Year completely and chronologically. Here is a pdf of the plan I found and will be trying to follow. Although another good reference I found using a wide variety of versions you can read online can be found here.

2) Exercise! I’ve really been slacking on this one since the move and earlier this year when I got sick and had a bad reaction to the antibiotics they put me on. I need to get my yoga ball out and reinflate it since it’s been hanging around empty since the move and with that I haven’t really been sticking with my yoga/pilates routine. Hopefully my Mom will be joining me in this one as I work on my core and try to get back into running.

3) Waist Training. I love corsets, and I’m currently in the research phase but I hope to be making a waist training corset for myself and begin work on cinching down a bit. I am not going to become what is known as a “tight lacer” because that is way too extreme, I just want to cut down a couple inches to help give myself more of an hourglass shape. So I may start posting about that when I start.

And that’s all for now, I’ll see you all next year. Happy New Year everyone!

Christmas Hat

So 25 days until Christmas, and I don’t think I really want to look at my to do list. One thing I’m plowing through right now is the hat my sister requested. All she really asked for was a hat with ear flaps, preferably in black and grey. So I chose this Norwegian Star Earflap Hat(Rav Link) by Tiennie. I think it’s gorgeous, never mind that color work tends to always give me a swift kick in the rear end.

I’ll post a picture once it looks more like a hat and less like a black circle with two black triangles attached. I just hope she likes it.